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It is more than a healing therapy.

It is a Body

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Mario Sanchez

Mario Sanchez

Mario has his bodywork therapy foundation from the best global Rolfing masters and has been sharing his healing gift all over the world for the past 11 years. His passion to travel, charisma and unmatchable energy has brought transforming exceptional results of long-term effect to the patients in more than 35 countries.

Having discovered this treatment due to his own personal injury, he has dedicated his life to master this technique with solid experience, which led him to create his own unique Healing Waves therapy. He now continues to spread his work globally both through private sessions, and teachings with his workshop series.

The 5 Elements Therapy

Lifting the veil.

Merging the physics and the life force, also known as prana or chi, and taking his inspiration and charging his source from the Ocean and the Sun, Mario’s therapies evolved to become an exceptional and unique Holistic Healing modality, which integrates major deep-tissue bodywork techniques with profound knowledge of human anatomy and energy centers for complete Life and Body transformation. It naturally became The Healing Waves, traveling the globe and reaching more and more people ready to be moved to embrace profound changes within themselves.